Collaborative Robot Gripper – Z-EFG-40-100 Electric Gripper

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Z-EFG-40-100 electric gripper has adopted special transmission design and driving algorithm compensation, total stroke is 40mm, clamping force is 40-100N, its stroke and force are adjustable, and its repeatability is ±0.02mm.

  • Total Stroke: 40mm (Adjustable)
  • Clamping Force: 40-100N (Adjustable)
  • Repeatability: ±0.02mm
  • Recommendation Clamping Weight: ≤1kg
  • The Shortest Time for Single Stroke: 0.4s
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    Industrial robot arm /Collaborative robot arm / Electric gripper/Intelligent actuator/Automation solutions


    Robot Gripper Application

    SCIC Z-EFG series robot grippers are in small size with a built-in servo system, which makes it possible to achieve precise control of speed, position, and clamping force. SCIC cutting edge gripping system for automation solutions will let you open new possibilities for automating tasks that you never thought possible.



    ·Large clamping force, mechanical seif-locking

    ·Stroke adjustable, clamping force adjustable

    ·Long life: tens of millions of cycles, surpassing air claws

    ·Built-in controller: small footprint, easy integration

    ·Control mode: 485 (Modbus RTU), I/O

    Stroke 40mm, Clamping Force 100N, Mechanical Self-locking, No Dropdown after power off

    Big Stroke

    The total stroke is 40mm adjustable

    Clamping Force

    40-100N, recommendation clamping weight ≤1kg

    Mechanical Self-locking

    Mechanical self-locking, no dropdown even if power off

    Controller is built in

    Small room covering convenient to integrate.

    Fast to React

    The shortest time of single stroke is just 0.4s

    Long Lifespan

    Tens of million cycles, beyond of air gripper

    Z-EFG-40-100 electric gripper

    ● Promoting a revolution in the replacement of pneumatic grippers by electric grippers, first electric gripper with integrated servo system in China.

    ● Perfect replacement for air compressor + filter + solenoid valve + throttle valve + pneumatic gripper

    ● Multiple cycles service life, consistent with the traditional Japanese cylinder

    Specification Parameter

    Model No. Z-EFG-40-100


    Total stroke

    40mm adjustable

    Gripping force

    40-100N adjustable



    Recommended gripping weight


    Transmission mode

    Gear rack + Spherical guide

    Grease replenishment of moving components

    Every six months or 1 million movements / time

    One-way stroke motion time


    Movement mode

    Two fingers move horizontally





    Operating voltage


    Rated current


    Peak current




    Protection class


    Motor type

    DC brushless

    Operating temperature range


    Operating humidity range

    RH35-80 (No frost)

    Z-EFG-40-100 electric grippers

    Permissible static load in vertical direction

    Fz: 200N

    Permissible torque


    8 N.m


    6.1 N.m

    Mz: 6.1 N.m

    Accuracy Force Control, High Repeatability

    40mm electric gripper

    Z-EFG-40-100 electric gripper has adopted special transmission design and driving algorithm compensation, total stroke is 40mm, clamping force is 40-100N, its stroke and force are adjustable, and its repeatability is ±0.02mm.

    40mm gripper
    fast to move grippers

    Fast to React, More Fast and Stable

    fast to move gripper

    The electric gripper is to adopt the transmission mode of screw rod + timing belt + ball guide, its shortest time of single stroke is stroke time is just 0.4s, which can meet the clamping requests for production line.

    Occupying Small Area, Convenient to Integrate

    structural compact

    The electric gripper is to adopt 2-finger-parallel, its size is L85*W37*H120mm, its structure is compact, to support above 5 installation modes, its controller is built-in, occupying small room, which can be w easy to deal with various of clamping tasks.

    40mm grippers

    Integrated Driving and Controller Soft Clamping

    Soft Clamping gripper 4

    The terminal tail of Z-EFG-40-100 can be changed at ease, its clamping weight is ≤1kg, client can design the tail parts according to the clamping objects, to guarantee the electric gripper completing clamping task at the most extent.

    Multiply Control Modes, Easy to Operate

    Multiply control modes gripper

    The configuration of Z-EFG-40-100 electric gripper is simple, it has abundant control modes, including 485 (Modbus RTU), Pulse, I/O, which is compatible with the PLC main control system.

    gripper control system

    Load Center of Gravity Offset

    robot arm electric gripper
    robot arm electric grippers

    1) The stroke of electric gripper

    2) Installation Site (Threaded Hole)

    3) Installation Site (Pin Hole)

    4) Hand Opening and Closing Position

    5) Bottom Installation Site (Threaded Hole)

    6) Bottom Installation Site (Pin Hole)

    7) Flank Installation Site (Pin Hole)

    8) Flank Installation Site (Threaded Hole)

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