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focusing on collaborative robots and their automation products and components, and providing solutions and integration of automation systems

Founded in 2020, SCIC-Robot is an industrial collaborative robot and system supplier, focusing on collaborative robots and their automation products and components, and providing solutions and integration of automation systems. With our technology and service experience in the field of industrial collaborative robots, we customize the design and upgrading of automation stations and production lines for customers in different industries such as automobiles and parts, 3C electronics, optics, home appliances, CNC/machining, etc., and provide one-stop services for customers to realize intelligent manufacturing.

We have reached in-depth strategic cooperation with famous enterprises such as Taiwan TechMan (Taiwanese Omron - Techman six-axis collaborative arm), Japan ONTAKE (original imported screw machine), Denmark ONROBOT (original imported robot end tool), European flexibowl (flexible feeding system), Japan Denso, German IPR (robot end tool), Canada ROBOTIQ (robot end tool) and other famous enterprises; At the same time, we also select other local high-quality collaborative robots and terminal tools, taking into account the competitiveness of quality and price, to provide customers with more cost-effective products and corresponding technical support and system integration solutions.

SCIC-Robot has a dynamic and highly professional technical team, who have been engaged in the design and optimization of collaborative robot solutions for many years, providing strong online and on-site service guarantee for many customers at home and abroad.

In addition, we provide sufficient spare parts inventory and arrange express delivery within 24 hours, relieving customers' worries about interrupting production.

Core Value

With years of expertise and an innovative engineering team, SCIC-Robot is committed to providing tailored solutions for our clients. We excel in the design, installation, and supply of composite cobots that are not only reliable but also ensure increased efficiency and productivity. Our cobot with its six axes of movement, is capable of performing intricate tasks with utmost precision and flexibility.

In addition to our exceptional product offerings, SCIC-Robot is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Our dedicated sales and service team is always ready to assist clients in selecting the most suitable cobot solutions for their specific requirements. We also provide comprehensive engineering support, including design and installation services, to ensure a smooth integration of our products into existing systems.

In conclusion, SCIC-Robot is the go-to partner for companies seeking top-of-the-line collaborative robot solutions. With our wide range of cobot products, including 6-axis cobots, scara cobots, and cobot grippers, combined with our exceptional sales and service team, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable automation solutions to enable businesses to achieve new levels of productivity and success. Experience the future of automation with SCIC-Robot.




Strong R&D Competence

All robot products are self-developed, and the company has a strong R&D team to develop new products and provide technical support for clients.



We have advanced technology for mass production of lightweight collaborative robotic arms and electric grippers to provide competitive prices.


Complete Certification

We have more than 100 patents, including 10 invention patents. Also, the products have been certified for overseas markets, i.e. CE, ROHS, ISO9001, etc.


Customer Orientation

The robotic products can be programmed according to clients’ requirements. Also, the products are developed based on feedback from clients and the market.