Auto Mobile Base

  • Auto Mobile Base – AMB-150J & 300J

    Auto Mobile Base – AMB-150J & 300J

    AMB Series Unmanned Chassis AMB (Auto Mobile Base) for agv autonomous vehicle, a universal chassis designed for agv autonomous guided vehicles, provides some features such as map editing and localization navigation. This unmanned chassis for agv cart provides abundant extent interfaces such as I/O and CAN to mount various upper modules together with powerful client software and dispatching systems to help users quickly complete manufacture and application of agv autonomous vehicles. There are four mounting holes on the top of the AMB series unmanned chassis for agv autonomous guided vehicles, which supports arbitrary expansion with jacking, rollers, manipulators, latent traction, display, etc. to achieve multiple applications of one chassis. AMB together with SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization can realize the unified dispatching and deployment of hundreds of AMB products at the same time, which greatly improves the intelligent level of internal logistics and transportation in the factory.