STANDARD AMRS – Auto Mobile Bases AMB-300/AMB-...

AMB Series Unmanned Chassis AMB (Auto Mobile Base) for agv autonomous vehicle, a universal chassis designed for agv autonomous guided vehicles, provides some features such as map editing and localization navigation. This unmanned chassis for agv cart provides abundant extent interfaces such as I/O and CAN to mount various upper modules together with powerful client software and dispatching systems to help users quickly complete manufacture and application of agv autonomous vehicles. There are four mounting holes on the top of the AMB series unmanned chassis for agv autonomous guided vehicles, which supports arbitrary expansion with jacking, rollers, manipulators, latent traction, display, etc. to achieve multiple applications of one chassis. AMB together with SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization can realize the unified dispatching and deployment of hundreds of AMB products at the same time, which greatly improves the intelligent level of internal logistics and transportation in the factory.

STANDARD AMRS – Auto Mobile Bases AMB-300/AMB-300-D

FlexiBowl Parts Feeding System – FlexiBowl 800

The FlexiBowl Solution is the result of our long-standing experience on flexible systems for precision assembly and parts handling, gained in a wide range of industries. Aconstant cooperation with clients and commitment to RED, make ARS the ideal partner to meet every production requirement. We are committed to achieve the highest quality and results.

FlexiBowl Parts Feeding System – FlexiBowl 800

4 AXIS ROBOTIC ARMS – M1 Pro Collaborative SCA...

M1 Pro is DOBOT’s 2nd-generation intelligent collaborative SCARA robot arm based on the dynamic algorithm and a series of operational software. M1 Pro is ideal for industrial needs requiring high speed and accuracy, such as loading and unloading, pick-and-place or assembly operations.


4 AXIS ROBOTIC ARMS – M1 Pro Collaborative SCARA Robot

4 AXIS ROBOTIC ARMS – MG400 Desktop Collaborat...

MG400 is a space saving lightweight desktop robot with a footprint smaller than a piece of A4 paper.Designed to be simple in all dimensions, MG400 is a perfect fit for repeating lightweight tasks and automated workbench scenarios in tight workspaces that requires fast deployment and changeover.

4 AXIS ROBOTIC ARMS – MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot

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Founded in 2020, SCIC-Robot is an industrial collaborative robot and system supplier, focusing on collaborative robots and their automation products and components, and providing solutions and integration of automation systems. With our technology and service experience in the field of industrial collaborative robots, we customize the design and upgrading of automation stations and production lines for customers in different industries such as automobiles and parts, 3C electronics, optics, home appliances, CNC/machining, etc., and provide one-stop services for customers to realize intelligent manufacturing.


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