ChatGPT-4 is Coming, How is the Collaborative Robot Industry Responding?

ChatGPT is a popular language model in the world, and its latest version, ChatGPT-4, has recently sparked a climax. Despite the rapid progress of science and technology, people's thinking about the relationship between machine intelligence and humans did not start with ChatGPT, nor was it limited to the field of AI. In diverse fields, various machine intelligence and automation tools have been widely used, and the relationship between machines and humans continues to be paid attention to from a broader perspective. Collaborative robot manufacturer Universal Robots has seen from years of practice that machine intelligence can be used by people, become good "colleagues" for humans, and help humans make their work easier.

Cobots can take over dangerous, difficult, tedious and intense tasks, physically protect worker safety, reduce the risk of occupational diseases and injuries, allow workers to focus on more valuable work, liberate people's creativity, and improve career prospects and spiritual achievements. In addition, the use of collaborative robots ensures a sense of safety and reduces risks related to the working environment, contact surfaces of processing objects, and ergonomics. When the cobot interacts with employees in close proximity, Universal Ur's patented technology limits its strength and slows down when a person enters the cobot's work area, and resumes full speed when the person leaves.

In addition to physical security, employees need a sense of spiritual accomplishment. When cobots take over basic tasks, employees can focus on higher-value tasks and seek new knowledge and skills. According to the data, while machine intelligence replaces basic tasks, it also creates many new jobs, catalyzing the demand for highly skilled talents. The development of automation will create a large number of new jobs, and in recent years, the recruitment ratio of China's high-skilled talents has remained above 2 for a long time, which means that one technical skilled talent corresponds to at least two positions. As the pace of automation accelerates, updating one's skills to keep up with trends will greatly benefit practitioners' career development. Through a series of education and training measures such as advanced collaborative robots and "Universal Oak Academy", Universal Robots helps practitioners achieve "knowledge updating" and skill upgrades, and firmly grasp the opportunities of new positions in the future.

Post time: Apr-09-2023