What is China’s Robot Industry In 2023?

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the global intelligent transformation of robots is accelerating, and robots have been breaking through the boundaries of human biological capabilities from imitating humans to surpassing humans.

As an important power industry to promote China's scientific and technological leap, the robot industry has always been the object of strong national support. A few days ago, the 2022 Lake Conference, co-hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance and the China Software Evaluation Center, released the "Robot Industry Development Trend Outlook", which further interpreted and predicted China's robot industry at this stage.

● First, the penetration of industrial robots has been strengthened, and core components have continued to make breakthroughs.

As the largest sub-track of the robot industry, industrial robots have strong specialization and high scale in subdivided application scenarios.

In the future development direction of China's industrial robot market, we judge that the penetration rate of industrial robots will be further strengthened, combined with the development path of the two giants of Japanese industrial robots, Fanuc and Yaskawa Electric: in the short and medium term, industrial robots will evolve in the direction of intelligence, load improvement, miniaturization and specialization; In the long run, industrial robots will achieve complete intelligence and functional integration, and a single robot is expected to achieve full coverage of the product manufacturing process.

As the key to the high-quality development of the robot industry, the technological breakthrough of core components is still unable to completely surpass or equalize foreign products, but it has strived to "catch up" and reach "close".

Reducer: The RV reducer developed by domestic enterprises accelerates iteration, and the core indicators of the product are close to the international leading level.

Controller: The gap with foreign products is narrowing day by day, and low-cost, high-performance domestic controllers are constantly recognized by the market.

Servo system: The performance indicators of servo system products developed by some domestic enterprises have reached the international level of similar products.


● Second, intelligent manufacturing goes deep into the scene, and "robot +" empowers all walks of life.

According to data, the density of manufacturing robots has increased from 23 units / 10,000 units in 2012 to 322 / 10,000 units in 2021, a cumulative increase of 13 times, which is more than twice the global average. The application of industrial robots has expanded from 25 industry categories and 52 industry categories in 2013 to 60 industry categories and 168 industry categories in 2021.

Whether it is robot cutting, drilling, deburring and other applications in the field of auto parts processing; It is also a production scene such as food production and furniture spraying in traditional industries; or life and learning scenarios such as medical care and education; Robot+ has penetrated into all walks of life, and intelligent scenarios are accelerating expansion.

● Third, The development of humanoid robots can be expected in the future.

Humanoid robots are the culmination of the current robot development, and the current potential humanoid robot development direction is mainly for manufacturing, aerospace exploration, life service industry, university scientific research, etc.

In the past few years, the release of humanoid robots by major industry giants (Tesla, Xiaomi, etc.) has driven a wave of "humanoid robot research and development" in the intelligent manufacturing industry, and it is revealed that UBTECH Walker plans to be applied to science and technology exhibition halls, film and television variety show scenes; Xiaomi CyberOne plans to initially carry out commercial applications in 3C vehicles, parks and other scenarios in the next 3-5 years; The Tesla Optimus is expected to reach mass production in 3-5 years, eventually reaching millions of units.

According to the long-term demand of data (5-10 years): the global market size of "housework + business services/industrial production + emotion/companionship scene" will reach about 31 trillion yuan, which means that according to calculations, the humanoid robot market is expected to become a global trillion blue ocean market, and the development is limitless.

China's robot industry is developing towards high quality, high level and intelligence, and it is believed that with the strong support of national policies, China's robots will become an indispensable core force in the global robot market.

Post time: Mar-25-2023